From preloved to reloved

Hi, we're Style Theory, Southeast Asia’s largest circular fashion platform.

We're the designer wardrobe designed for change. We believe the future of fashion is circular and so does our growing community of 400K users in Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Since 2016, we've been on a mission to build Asia's largest circular fashion platform and make change feel good; the Infinite Wardrobe supports the reuse of designer wear and maximizing their useful life through conscious consumption.

By working with over 300 designers all across the world to close the loop, we get closer to our vision of launching a new era of smart and sustainable fashion, without compromising on quality, transparency, and integrity.

We launched our web store Style Theory Shop in 2020 for like-minded sustainable shoppers in the region to access quality designer items at great value and premium experience. Since then, we' re proud to offer our community more ways to enjoy shopping thrill with showrooms in Singapore and Jakarta.